Cleanroom Khusus Wilayah Indonesia
aluminium extrusion di Jakarta - Kirim SELURUH Indonesia

Finishing Clean Room

Clear Anodized

JM, can provide colour and film thicknesses meeting BS,SII, JIS or any other international standards. Some recommended anodic film thicknesses are:

10 Micron

For interior application or unexposed and similar elements, where cleaning is frequent and resistance to wear and abrasion important.

18 Microns

For exposed architectural application, generally where superior abrasion resistance is required and only intermitted cleaning is feasible.

22 Microns

For prestigious building and applications in industrial environments, where cleaning will be rare and long term resistance to abrasion is essential.

Colour/Inca Quality

Thickness of inca is 10-12 Microns Gold Bronze Aztec Bronze Midnight Black.

Electro Deposited Lacquer on Clear and Colour

Finished of ED Lacquer is laminated with electro deposited in order the surface of alumunium can not be scratched. Thickness of ED Lacquer is 21 microns.

Powder Coating

JM can provide various of colour base on request or job order.Thickness of powder coating is 60 - 80 microns. Powder Coating can be applied for exterior and interior. *GUARANTEE 10 YEARS!